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$180,000 Settlement for Woman Walking Home from Work

My client, a 22-year-old woman, was walking home from work one night. As she crossed the street, she was struck by a vehicle going 40 miles per hour and landed in a ditch unconscious.

The defendant was clearly driving distracted, but claimed various versions of a story trying to blame my client for the accident.

My client suffered severe injuries including a traumatic brain injury and several fractures. Her insurance company decided not to pay numerous medical bills and other No-Fault benefits, even when their hired doctors indicated my client still needed them for her recovery.

In fact, when I deposed the insurance adjuster, they admitted there was no known reason the benefits had been denied. The insurance company simply chose to pay some bills and benefits, and not pay others - all while being unable to give any reason for this.

I sued the insurance company and won $180,000 to cover my client's medical bills and other No-Fault claims she was so wrongfully denied.

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