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$162,500 for Passenger Hit by Commercial Truck

My client was a passenger in a car that tried to make a left turn on a roadway when it was struck by a commercial truck whose brakes were determined to be defective.

She had head, neck and back pain and went to the hospital for treatment, then followed up with her own doctors. She underwent diagnostic testing, different kinds of therapy, all to try to recover from the accident she was in.

All of this treatment became expensive and she accrued tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and other No-Fault benefits. The insurance company actually tried to rescind the policy for no applicable reason. My client was not the driver of the vehicle, not an excluded driver on the policy, and did not drive the vehicle in question.

I sued the insurance company and won $162,500 to cover my client's medical bills and No-Fault benefits the insurance company refused to pay.