Dangerous & Defective Products

Throughout our country and within the state of Michigan, people use millions of products that they purchase, trusting that they are safe. And rightly so. We have the right to expect that what we use—as well as what we eat—is safe. We trust that all of these products have been adequately sourced and made and protected from anything that could cause us to become ill, get hurt, or even lose our lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Whether you’re at home or in an office, a hospital, business or other establishments, defective and dangerous products find their way into our food supply and into medicine and other products. These defects may be caused by errors in labeling, design, and manufacturing, or even because of false marketing claims. Because of these dangerous or defective products, thousands of innocent people suffer tragic consequences in the form of injury or even death.

Ideally, government agencies monitor the safety of all of these products. The Food and Drug Administration, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission do their best to protect these supplies. Still, faulty products make their way onto our grocery shelves and our plates, into the products we use, and into our medicines. This places us, as unsuspecting consumers, in harm’s way. Life-threatening or long-term illness can result. Negligence on the part of manufacturers can result in inaccurate test results, contaminated food, unsafe premises, equipment that has not been properly sterilized, manufacturing shortcuts, problems with computers, and of course, the human elements of error or oversight.


When a product is recalled, it can alert consumers to any possible risks. But if they have already used or consumed the product, a product recall may come too late, and injuries or deaths of family members may have already occurred.

Various causes of injury include defects in manufacturing or design, errors in labeling, or omissions of warnings regarding possible risks or side effects. If they are not constructed or transported correctly, consumer products may be dangerous or defective (think cribs, strollers and children’s toys, food and drink, medicine and clothing).

Claims related to product liability are complicated, especially regarding where in the process of bringing a product to the consumer the defect appears. The team at Whiting Law is familiar with product liability laws and is committed to holding those responsible for dangerous products and defects accountable.

It’s an unpleasant thing to consider, but it’s nevertheless true that, by using (or ingesting) a dangerous or defective product, consumers can experience injuries or death.  Avoid the added stresses of not knowing how to proceed or not understanding your rights and legal options. Contact us, and the Whiting Law firm will discuss your case with you and determine whether compensation is warranted because of your experience with a product that is dangerous or defective.


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