Construction Site Accidents

Workplaces should be safe and secure, and that’s true for many jobs. But for those who work on construction sites, this is never a given. Construction work is dangerous by nature, and safety challenges can, unfortunately, lead to construction accidents and injuries. These, in turn, can threaten health, financial position, and stability in life.

Construction accident hazards are many. Common causes of these types of accidents range from slips and falls to explosions and equipment that doesn’t work properly to live electrical wires or falling objects. Negligence on the part of other workers, vendors, general contractors, and subcontractors can contribute to these dangers, which often prove highly injurious or even life-threatening to construction workers at the job site. Tragically, some construction accidents result in amputation or extensive reconstructive surgery. All too often, they can cause life-threatening conditions, leaving innocent victims disabled, with physical disability issues, disfigurement, or brain injuries and other conditions that prevent them from working or covering the expenses for their own care.


Michigan workers’ compensation claims require that the person making the claim understand his or her legal rights. Workers’ compensation may cover many of these accidents and injuries, but in Michigan, this might not represent enough money to cover the financial needs of an injured worker. It can involve more than a workers' compensation claim.The victim needs to know that he or she may have the right to bring a lawsuit against the party who was negligent, even if that party is employed by another subcontractor or company who is working at the job site. Money recovered in a lawsuit can help pay doctor bills not covered by workers' compensation as well as replace lost wages or compensate for anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, or permanent disabilities.

When a construction-related accident happens, there is a lot to sort through. There may be multiple insurance companies to talk with and discussions about how to figure out who is at fault (or what is legally called comparative fault). A law firm that is experienced in construction accidents is recommended—and the sooner, the better.

When people or companies are careless or negligent and you or someone you care about is injured as a result, contact Whiting Law. We have worked with many people injured on construction sites and understand the ins and outs of these types of cases. We know how to advocate for the injured party. We’ll begin by evaluating your situation and advising you with regard to any legal action you are entitled to take.


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